Parallel Translation

Parallel Translation



A procedure described by Casagrande (1954). Parallel translation is in effect a type of back-translation in which an ST is translated simultaneously into several different TLs. According to Casagrande, such a procedure provides a researcher with useful insights: “Comparison of the translations in the several target languages may reveal significant and systematic differences in the way [SL] is handled at both the grammatical and semantic levels”.


卡塞格兰德(1954)所描述的一种翻译程序。平行翻译实际上是同时将源文本翻译成几种不同目标语的一种回译。卡塞格兰德认为, 此类程序给研究者提供了有益的见解:“比较几种不同目标语中的译本,可以揭示出在语法与语义层面处理源语时出现的重要而系统的差异”。